Huawei P30 Pro - svart

4G - 256 GB - GSM - pekskärmsmobil
51 i lager
Tillverkare Huawei
Artnr 51093NFY
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    • Photography pioneer
    • Closer to the things you love
    • See the unseen in the dark
    • Beauty in every layer
    • Redefined perspective
    • Reveal your radiance
    • Magnificent elegance
    • Intelligent touch, absolute comfort
    • Ready for exploration
    • Ultra duration to experience more
    • Refuel in minutes
    Zoom in to explore the mystery of the celestial at night, watch an eagle hovering over trees or examine the delicate details of crystal. Capture the best things in the moment and create your vision for the future. The Huawei P30 Pro is accentuating a new peak of smartphone photography.

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