BenQ EW2480 - LED-skärm

Full HD (1080p) - 23.8"
Tillverkare BenQ
Artnr 9H.LJ3LA.TSE
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    • HDRi brings your visual experience up to a brand-new level
    • Engage your senses with cinematic feel
    • In awe of every touching moment
    • Your entertainment your way
    What's going on in the dark area is what you really want to figure out. Intelligent clarity adjustment satisfies you with the clear and realistic details in the darkness by maintaining onscreen clarity. Stunning images come from intelligent brightness control plus emulated HDR. Every move and every image immerse you into the exhilarating cinematic world.

    At the sight of the pictures, the movie enthusiasts feel as if they were in the cinema now. 24P cinematic frame rate feeds the eyes with the cinematic look, making you totally indulged into the movie world.

    Be indulged in the movie world with mid-rage sounds as well as with well-defined high end sounds, right sounds intensify your immersion. Experience every striking beat with the speakers, allowing yourself to be moved.

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